‘By pretending to support white South African farmers, Trump was begging white American farmers to ignore his pathological dishonesty and immense corruption as the mid-terms draw closer’


24 August 2018 – 06:38 Tom Eaton


To be fair to the lying sack of Fanta, however, he didn’t suck that tweet out of his tiny thumb. The story was fed to him by his national security adviser (what you and I refer to as Fox News) which had in turn been fed it by our very own AfriForum.

Not surprisingly, AfriForum’s Kallie Kriel was thrilled that his paranoid evangelism had found such a powerful new believer. Tweeting his satisfaction, Kriel said that AfriForum “welcomes the fact that the US government is now officially studying South Africa’s #expropriation plans & #FarmMurders”.

I’m happy that Kallie is happy, but his tweet isn’t technically true. Trump’s government isn’t “officially studying” anything because it doesn’t study anything at all, officially or unofficially, ever.

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